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Gab The Manual Therapist


I am a Manual Therapist who works with the soft tissue of the body. They are the muscles, tendons and ligaments. The human body is intrinsic and cause/affect need to be assesssed in order to identify a problem and treat it. Besides of the wonders massage do when dealing with an injury or accelerating recovery I strongly believe that a therapeutic firm massage helps to restore energy and improve general  function of the body, making your immune system stronger and unwinding your mind.



Balneotherapy in Rotorua
New Zealand

I started massaging at the age of 3 years old as my father had problems with poor blood circulation and lymphatic system.


I then graduated as a Licensed Massage Therapist in 2003 and the following year started a career as a full time SPA Balneotherapist working with volcanic mud and geothermal water, which has been providing great assistance to patients with chronic diseases such as fibromyalgia, osteoporosis and arthritis for over two centuries in Rotorua. 

This magnificent opportunity granted me with 7 years of intensive training and the privilege to work with talented physios, doctors, nurses and others to provide a comprehensive rehab treatment which changed the quality of life for a lot of people. At the SPA clients receive massages with jets of thermal water, mud baths, mud packs, steam capsules, paraffin wax for the joints and much more. Massage complement treatments providing long last benefits.

Thai Yoga Massage Therapist
Thai Yoga Massage
I had been a qualified practitionaire of Thai Yoga Massage since 2006.

I also studied at Sunshine Massage School (Chiang Mai) Thailand and have been facilitating introductory courses and workshops for over 6 years.

Our massage is based on the style and structure developed by Asokananda and based on the Thai village massage tradition generally called Northern Style Thai massage. Northern Style Thai massage differs considerably from the Wat Po style Southern or Royal tradition. The structure of the massage is very different and the way of working differs. Southern style massage is much harder than Northern style, as it was initially developed for therapy only, while Northern style was a massage form practised in the villages to keep the farmers healthy and fit. Naturally relaxing preventive massage practices had to develop into a less harsh approach.

Thai Yoga Massage

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